Should I Buy A Used Luxury Car in Northbrook, IL?

Pre-owned Luxury Vehicles in Northbrook, IL

Have you considered purchasing a used luxury car or SUV but still aren’t sure if it’s the best option for you? There are many compelling reasons to buy a pre-owned luxury vehicle. The experts at Autohaus on Edens in Northbrook, IL have put together this list of just a few of the reasons why a new-to-you luxury model is a great option.


More Car For Less Money

Maybe the biggest reason to buy a used luxury vehicle over an economy car is you get more car for less money. You could get a gently used pre-owned luxury vehicle for the same amount as a fully loaded economy vehicle of the same size. If you’ve ever driven a luxury car, the driving experience is something truly different and special.

Manufacturer’s Certified Pre-Owned Program

Buying a used luxury vehicle with a certified warranty takes away the worry and uncertainty that can sometimes come with not buying new. With a CPO car, you can drive in luxury without breaking the bank or worrying about spending your savings on repairs later down the road.

Less Depreciation

Over the period of time you own your used luxury car, you’ll more than likely experience much less depreciation than a new car would. A new vehicle can lose up to fifty percent of its value in the first four years. You won’t see depreciation that steep with a car that’s just a few years old.

Advanced Safety Equipment

Are you a big fan of safety features like backup cameras, blind-spot monitors, or keyless entry? It may come as no surprise that those features were first introduced in luxury vehicles. So with a used luxury vehicle, you’ll still get quite a few of those advanced safety features even if it’s three or four years old, because those features are likely just making their way into economy models.

Comfort and Convenience Features

Just like safety equipment, those wonderful comfort and convenience features you can’t imagine driving without likely started in a luxury vehicle. From automatic climate control to Bluetooth® technology to GPS navigation, you’ll find the best in comfort and convenience features in a used luxury vehicle that may just be available on a brand new economy car.

Now that you’ve seen what a used luxury model has to offer, head over to our pre-owned inventory to explore all of the available models at our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Northbrook, IL. Once you’ve found a vehicle you love, calculate the payments you can expect with that model.

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Used Luxury Vehicles in Northbrook, IL